General Reviews and Responses to Coventry’s Journeys with “The Waste Land” exhibition


At the Herbert Art Gallery & Museum the exhibition attracted 7,801 visitors over 65 days, averaging 120 visitors per day.  At Coventry Cathedral, the exhibition attracted 10,441 visitors over 62 days, averaging 168 visitors per day.  This brings the total number of exhibition visitors across the two venues to 18,242.  We believe that through the extensive programme of additional events, in excess of 2,400 people further engaged with the exhibition.



A selection of comments, some from the typewriter, is provided below:

· Worth flying down from Inverness to see!

· A brilliant, thought-provoking collection of work.

· Great exhibition. If this was in London you could charge £15 to view and it would be packed with people.

· Great exhibition. I would recommend it. Frink, Turnbull and Sickert together…

· Fantastic! To gather so many disparate works of art must have taken ages.

· Well done to everyone involved in this – a wonderful collection which shows how relevant Eliot is today.

· What a wonderfully curated display that makes Eliot’s poem come to life. Some things never change!

· Fascinating account of TS Eliot’s poem – The exhibition has been very inspiring for me!

· Brilliantly selected work. Thank you.

· Brilliant, creative, eclectic curation. What a treat.

· We came to the opening and I have returned. Such a resonating piece – that calms yet brings together such power – thank you.

· I appreciate the way paintings / exhibits I don’t understand are placed beside more easily accessed works. The commentary doesn’t overwhelm – just snippets to inform my observation. Thank you.

· Coventry needs the Herbert as much as it ever has. More exhibitions of this quality please. Thank you.

· We came to Coventry especially for the exhibition and it not only matches our expectations but ‘blows us away’! Fantastically curated! Thank you!

· Thank you for a wonderful exhibition. I studied ‘The Waste Land’ here in Coventry at Binley Parks School in 1965/66. Sadly the ‘baby boomer’ brilliant school no longer exists – but I have carried this glorious poem with me ever since. You have made an extraordinary, evocative collection of art works which have truly revived Eliot’s masterpiece. Thank you.

· Thank you for the truly meaningful interpretative comments for each artwork. It has given me the opportunity of understanding at a deeper level the relationships to ‘The Waste Land’ poem which I had failed to fully understand before.

· Has greatly helped a deeper understanding of ‘The Waste Land’ – quite moving and thought provoking.

· A powerful and thought provoking exhibition. An excellent initiative for Coventry.

· Brings a new perspective to the city.

· The depth and breadth of his beautiful and terrifying vision has never been interpreted quite like this to me before.

· Eliot’s hypnotic use of language is what first attracted me to ‘The Waste Land’, but I have always found it difficult to understand. This excellent exhibition helps to unravel the mysteries of one of the world’s greatest poems.

· What an amazing experience this has been for me and well worth the effort of getting here! [visitor from West Cumbria]

· Fascinating and at times unsettling exhibition.

· Extremely moving work. I also visited the first version in Margate, which was excellent, but the juxtaposition of the poem with artwork about the Coventry Blitz just gave it an extra dimension.

· A German typewriter. A pleasure to use… This exhibition has given me a great deal of pleasure. Thank you.

· One of the best exhibitions I have ever seen on Eliot. Congratulations and best wishes to the organisers.


The exhibition was featured in Coventry Evening Telegraph, Nuneaton and Warwick Telegraph as well as on BBC Coventry and Warwickshire Radio, and Welcombe Radio

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