We are delighted you wish to be involved, and are now writing to emphasise some key points with reference to the exhibition and use of the poem:

References to the exhibition.

The following sentence, inserting your event title as ‘Activity’ and using your event publicity font, should be used to advertise the event as:

Activity inspired by ‘Journeys with ‘The Waste Land’”, an exhibition at the Herbert Art Gallery & Museum, Coventry, 15 September – 18 November 2018.

Use of the poem

The title of the poem:

Many references to the poem miss the word ‘the’, or conflate ‘waste’ and ‘land’ into one – generally using lower-case ‘w’ and ‘l’. This is often deployed as a way of distinguishing a generic reference to wasteland(s) from the specific connection with the poem itself.

So, if you do wish to explicitly reference the poem, the way to do so is ‘The Waste Land’ – three words, all upper case.

Direct quotation from the poem:

In developing ‘Journeys with “The Waste land”’ we have enjoyed wonderful support in the project from the Trustees of Eliot’s Estate, who are granting us permission for use of the poem in various ways within the context of the exhibition.

This permission is specifically for projects and works presented within the Turner Contemporary project and the revised exhibition at The Herbert.  It does not extend beyond these, but we are very pleased to offer advice.

As general advice, can we ask you to note the following:

Beyond the normal “fair use” of quotation of short sections or phrases, when the source should be fully credited ie [T. S. Eliot : The Waste Land’ ], reproduction or dissemination of complete sections of the poem may only be used with permission from the T. S. Eliot  estate and may need permission from Faber : See for more information..

If you wish to use whole sections or the whole poem in any way other than reading aloud, or have any questions about this please contact us at the address above.

Use of the poem (or sections of it) set to music goes against Eliot’s wishes and will not be given permission.

If you are using recordings of performances or readings, the rights may well lie with the original producer (eg, the BBC) so please also check that with us.

Reference to the Herbert Art Gallery & Museum

Herbert Art Gallery & Museum


the Herbert Art Gallery & Museum

If shortened, it should be:

the Herbert

Can we ask that if you are generating information, that you use one of the three following forms, again for the sake of clarity and consistency as there is a title within a title!:

When only one font used:

In response to:

‘Journeys with “The Waste Land”’   at the Herbert Art Gallery & Museum, Coventry

When two fonts or normal / italic used:

In response to:

‘Journeys with The Waste Land  at the Herbert Art Gallery & Museum, Coventry


In response to:

‘Journeys with The Waste Land  at the Herbert Art Gallery & Museum, Coventry

Please do keep in touch with your plans. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.

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